30 October 2020

Often when you think chiropractic you think neck and back discomforts..

Rightfully so, but you probably did not realize there are many other things occurring when you get an adjustment
beyond your better spinal alignment.

  1. More Energy. When your nervous system is functioning optimally you feel better. You can find yourself sleeping more soundly, your body may be digesting easier, and your energy levels can be positively affected. When your body is less stressed physically then it has more energy for you to benefit from.

  1. Healthy blood pressure. Yep, you read that right. When you get an adjustment, the nervous system housed within the spine connects the organs of the body. The vertebrae in the neck relates to the heart. Release the compression in the neck and you may see the release of the pressure of the blood vessels as well. Any other part of your body needing some extra support? Look to see what part of the spine it connects to and work from both angles for a healthier, better functioning body.

  1. More balanced hormones. I know I would not have ever realized that chiropractic adjustments would help me hormonally, but you guessed it…. they do. Now, how is it that an adjustment of the spine helps your hormones? That is because your
    endocrine system (hormones) and your nervous system (main hub is the brain and spinal column) are directly connected. If stressed either physically, emotionally, or chemically your body will respond via the endocrine system. When you have a
    misalignment or compression in the spine, that communication gets interrupted. Your body may not respond to the hormones the way it should because the nervous system is not up to par and that miscommunication can create a disruption in normal hormone production.

  1. Less stress. Your body cannot function at its most optimal level when it’s chronically stressed. This stress weakens your immune system, affects your gut health, your energy levels and can impact your sleep. Calming the nervous system from the state of chronic stress is key and chiropractic care is one way to help you do just that. I do not know about you but after my adjustment I feel like I just got an hour-long massage. My mind feels calm, my breathe deeper and I feel more connected to my body. Why is that? Because in that short amount of time with an adjustment the Chiropractor worked directly with my nervous system to give it permission to relax and open the lines of communication with the rest of my body.

  1. Better athletic performances. Every NFL team has its own chiropractor. The All- Blacks have their own chiropractor. My 7-year-old athletic son sees a chiropractor every week. Why? It is because when the spine is not aligned, the nervous system is affected and that impacts the ability for the body to think and respond to its best ability. Plus, with contact sports chiropractic care helps to support the brain flow and function.

I love learning about these things. It is amazing to see how it is all connected, and one thing can help or hurt another. One thing that is 100% true is that chiropractic care is beyond just those bony prominences going down your back. Supporting your spine is taking care of your whole body in a way your body will be grateful for.

So, maybe it’s been a while since your last adjustment, or you had been thinking about bringing in another family member for them to start their care? Either way, we are here and ready to help support your body for it to thrive.

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Blog Written by Missy Garcia BSN, CFMP


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