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Supporting the cervical spine 

Chronic neck pain is something we are seeing more and more in the younger generation because of the chronic use of hand-held devices. If you have not already read our recent clog check it out here.

Here are some easy exercises you can so at home to support a healthy neck.

Snow Angels: Stand with the back and heels against the wall, raise arms overhead. While keeping forearms and hands in contact with the wall at all times, slowly slide the arms down the wall, bending at the elbows as your squeeze the shoulder blades together.

Neck extensions: lie face down with your forehead against the floor raise head and neck up as if looking at the ceiling. Hold for 10 seconds. Lower and repeat.

Chin-tuck exercise: elongate the crown of your head up while tucking your chin to your chest creating a double chin. Hold for 15 seconds.

“Y” Extensions: Lie flat on the floor with your legs shoulder width apart and arms extending creating a Y out in front. Lift your torso off the ground while rotating your shoulders so that your palms are facing upwards. Hold for 10 secs lower and repeat. Work your way up to 3 sets of 8.

Find a way to incorporate one or more of these into your life. Taking breaks and doing the chin- tuck exercise multiple times a day or finding that blank wall for snow angels before bed over time can make an impact in the health of your spine.

Written by: Missy Garcia BSN, CFMP

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